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This page is a translated version of the page Mobile:Register and the translation is 83% complete.

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Matuto kung paano mag rehistro at pamahalaan ang iyong account.

Bakit magrehistro?

Registering will allow you to use the mobile app. Your account will store your ID, ranks such as moderator, member and owner, friends list. Registering also makes it almost impossible for other users to impersonate you, and makes it easier for your friends to tell who you are if you’re on other computers. It also allows you to buy xats and subscription time. Your name also appears higher on the user list than non-registered users.

Paano magrehistro?

To register, all you have to do is open the app and tap "Register". After that, fill in the form and you will be sent a confirmation email, which will allow you to activate your account. After activating you should be able to log in.

Paano ko mapapalitan ang aking nakarehistrong pangalan?

Hindi mo kasalukuyang mapapalitan ang iyong naka rehistradong pangalan sa mobile.

Paano ko mapapalitan ang aking password?

Hindi mo kasalukuyang mapapalitan ang iyong password sa mobile.

Ano ang aking gagawin kapag nakalimutan ko ang aking password?

Kung nawala mo ang iyong password, pindutin ang "Lost?" link habang sinusubukang i-login at punan ang form na may e-mail na may kaugnayan sa iyong account at pindutin ang "Reset password". Ikaw ay makakatanggap ng e-mail para mag lagay ng panibadong password.